Sunday, August 29, 2010

Free Birthday Meals = A pregnant girl's dream come true

(At Pizzeria dreamy delicious.)

Hello again.

Here's what's happened in the last month:
1) Continued to suffer through my 1st trimester. Mornings are bad...evenings are worse. Today is the 1st day of my 12th week, which means I'm supposed to start feeling better. Please pray I do.
2) School began. 31 students this year. So far, so good. But with so many new things going on this year at school it's hard to keep up with everything on my checklists.
3) Uhhh... I thought there was more, but I guess that's it.

With being sickly + school starting, that's really pretty much all I can do. It's really hard to be sick while teaching. I feel like I don't get much done during the day.

On top of all that, because of my excessive eating of hard candies to keep the nausea down, I constantly drool in front of my students. Boy, I would love to hear their recess conversations about me.

At least I've got something to forward to... my Birthday!
Here are the 4 reasons why:
1) Free dozen Krispy Kremes
2) Free dinner at Joe's BBQ
3) Free dinner at Joe's Farm Grill
4) Free dinner at Liberty Market
Yep, I'm hitting up all them places. I told William he could have my Farm Grill dinner so he doesn't feel left out (and because his birthday is less than a month away). On top of that, my Liberty Market dinner will be my lunch on Tuesday.

As you can see, I've put much thought into this.

I MAY have even drawn a map of our route tomorrow.

Here's to being 26!!!

P.S. A letter to my William:

Dear William,
Thank you for doing the dishes for the last 2 months. My sense of smell makes it nearly impossible to even step foot in the kitchen, especially near the sink. I will make it up to you someday. Actually, I think the free Joe's Farm Grill meal will do, so, you're welcome.