Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Loco for Coco

Last Friday, William and I planned on going to see Alice in Wonderland in 3Depp, I mean 3D. This whole "buying a house" thing is setting us back a few bucks, so William politely asked if I would put a Cherry Coke Zero in my purse that he can chug while he watches The Queen of Hearts off with their heads.
The unopened Coke package lay before me.
I tore open the front of the package, and this was staring up at me:

No need to adjust your computer screen. These are real tickets to the Conan O'brien 30-city tour. Needless to say, I was stunned. Did I just witness a miracle? Did Coke Zero just grant my wish to see Conan live at Dodge Theater?
Actually, it was planned. William knows my love/desperation for Conan. He surprised me with tickets and planted them in my Cherry Coke Zero box.

William keeps me so young.

So in case you need me on the evening of April 30th, I'll be here:

I love you Coke Zero, Conan, and William! (Not necessarily in that order.)

Moving Time...

I really hope I can get my house from looking like this...

...to looking like this.

Photos found here.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Before Shamoo ate a trainer, he inspired me to believe.


I just have so much going on.
But first, I need to talk about my 5th grade oceanography experience.
It was dreaded but turned out to be fin-tastic.
First we drove on a bus all night to San Diego.
At 5:00 am, we got on a boat to go "whale watching".
The only whale we experienced was the wailing of William and I getting seasick. I've never gotten seasick before and it was the worst experience ever.
We caught a sting ray. I had to brace myself to hold it.



Then we went to Sea World. Flamingos strut around like they own the place.

We did geneology and found out William is a direct descendent of the Great White Shark...here's our proof:

Here's William gazing at his great grandpa:

William and I were swept away by the manatees.

I think they were our favorite.

Then we went to Shamoo's show. This is before Shamoo went crazy on a trainer.

Then we had Shamoo for lunch.

The next day we went to the beach and watched seals hang out.

I promise...they're not dead.

Then William and I had a moment:

On the bus ride home, we entered "Ocean Idol" (a 5th grade oceanography version of American Idol). I rapped and William beat boxed. Here's just a taste:
"Rock the Boat
Rock the Boat
Is that vomit comin' up my throat?"

We got the whole bus to sing with us. (By the way, it WAS vomit coming up my throat.)

I'm sick of typing but I have more to tell about William and me. I'll just leave you with this:

Who would win in a fight... Seal or Seal?