Thursday, December 31, 2009

Is there sugar in syrup?

This video basically sums up my Christmas.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh bring us some Figgy pudding

This is what our last Christmas at the Olive house looks like:

This is my favorite ornament. I'm not sure if it's a gingerbread man laying down, or if it's supposed to be standing up reaching for something. I like to think he's lounging around and wants me to bring him a glass of egg nog.

Yes, I like snowflakes this year. I've hung them all over my house. It's just not cold enough in AZ.
And yes, we've moved William's drums into the kitchen. He's my little drummer rum pum pum pum!

Gather Around (It's a Campfire Christmas)

This year, instead of sending Christmas cards that people admire and love (then throw away), William and I decided to write and record a Christmas song that all our friends and family can enjoy for the rest of their lives. It began as a tune we heard in Walgreens, then it snowballed into a cheesy Christmas delight. William's brother, Robs, then made it into a classic music video. Put on your favorite Christmas sweater, pour some hot cocoa, gather around the campfire and enjoy:

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Soon I'll be a desperate HOUSEwife...

First, William and I just bought a house. It looks like this:

This house comes with a dishwasher and a garbage disposal... I couldn't be happier.
It's on Ray and Recker and will be built by March. If you are reading this, and you own a truck, please help.

Second, I want to share how happy William makes me.
On Thursday I walked through the front door and William wasn't home, but this is what I saw:

Yes, that is William's face on the desktop.
Yes, that is a cake that says "I love you Jenny" in pretty green frosting.

He recorded his voice in garageband that said "Hi Jenny. Enjoy this cake. I love you." It was on repeat so that when I walked through the door into a quiet, empty house that resides in a scary, criminal-infested neighborhood, it would scare the living daylights out of me.

Thanks William...I love you too.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Is Pauly Shore dead?

Neither am I.

Teaching does not leave too much time to blog. Apparently, grading and planning lessons are more important than the daily musings of Jenny Bradfred. (Bradford + red = Bradfred)

So other than grading and lesson planning, this is everything that has happened.

First, I got my beloved Beatles Rock Band.

Yes, it is better than expected.
Yes, George and Paul are still dreamy in video game form.
Yes, I make a better Ringo than a George.

Next, I wore my hair like this on Crazy Hair Day at school:

Yes, my face looked like that all day.
Kids were shouting "Look it's Wendy!". I was going for the Pippi look, but whatever.

Furthermore, I wanted to share these life-changing/inspirational posters found in a classroom at the elementary school in which William works. I seriously cannot stop laughing.

And this is my favorite:

I seriously think kids can't pass the AIMS test because they are too busy trying to figure out what these posters mean.

Anyway, that is pretty much EVERY SINGLE THING that has come my way since I last blogged. I love my life.

P.S. Trust a tiger?! Never! Has not that poster-maker ever seen Jungle Book? Seriously, Shere Khan?!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Chichen Itza

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Butterfinger Hot Dog: a recipe for success

On the quest for a year supply of Butterfingers, William and his brothers filmed a commercial for the crisp-ety, crunch-ety, peanut-buttery treat.

Although there's some questionable acting in the beginning of the commerical {see girl with red hair}, it is quite hilarious and heart-warming... Hilarious because of the Daniel's portrayal of a Lucha Libre. Heart-warming because of Lucha Libre's willingness to protect a man's precious candy bar.

Credits (in order of appearance):
Disgruntled Co-worker: Alan (Will's brother)
Bad Actor in a tan skirt: Me
ButterDog eater and Lucha Libre owner: William
Delivery Guy with "Waterhawk" style glasses: Michael (Will's brother)
Very pale Lucha Libre: Michael (and by 'Michael', I mean Daniel)
Cameraman and intense, all-knowing contributor: David (another brother of Will)
Music Composer: William, Alan, and GarageBand
ButterDog recipe creator: ME (it's always been a dream of mine)
Lost Bradford brother: Robs
Brainstormer, but won't get any more credit than what I write in this blog: Joe (MY brother)

Watch it, and send it to your friends and fans of Butterfinger!
We need all the publicity we can get.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mrs. Bradford's Classroom Rules and Procedures

I wanted something slightly different for my first day of school, so we made a video depicting the good and bad ways to do things around my classroom. William and Alan (Will's brother) acted as my 5th grade students. They are hilarious and very true to life.

The sound is a little bit off in the end. Apparently ilife '09 has some kinks to it.


I showed it today and my class went crazy! All they wanted to do for the rest of the day was re-watch the video. I just hope they actually learned something from it--like how much I really do hate 5th graders snacking on Ramen Noodles and Flamin' Hot Cheetos.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Wild Rumpus!

I finally returned to my classroom on Monday and have about 50 things to do, one of which is the "Welcome Back" bulletin board. I was thrilled when William so graciously volunteered to help create it. (Grading papers + Creating Bulletin Boards = Why teachers are grumpy)

I thought it would be appropriate to do a "Where the Wild Things Are" theme, since the movie is about to come out. (Turn up the volume and watch the trailer for the movie here.)

So I let WIlliam have at it, and this is what he designed:

I seriously am so floored! I love it. I'm so incredibly impressed with William's artistic skills.

Unfortunately, we have to change the "wild rumpus" part. Although that is a fantastic part of the book, it might create a bad impression of what 5th grade is actually like. I don't want my new 5th graders thinking that this year is going to be a rowdy party. It's actually going to be a year full of homework and AIMS testing.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Beatles Love

I got my teeth whitened.

Sure, I look happy now, but it was actually a very traumatic experience. It's a 2-hour procedure, and I was in excruciating pain by the 18th minute. On top of that, the pain medication that I took later that day made me sick the FOLLOWING day. Never. Again.

Anyway, during the 21st minute of the teeth whitening procedure, I decided to listen to the soothing sounds of the "Beatles Love" album on my ipod. I've seen the show in Vegas twice. It's seriously the most amazingly executed show on the planet.

On top of that, I spent much of my summer watching and studying the Beatles Anthology. It gave me a new sense of appreciation for Ringo Starr. Please, give the man more credit.

Of course, all this Beatles talk is fueled by the upcoming release of Beatles Rockband. Watch the opening cinematic found here

I think I'm just as excited for this game as these guys:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Greatest Debate of all Time

This is Kent.
I don't need US magazine, TMZ, Entertainment Tonight (sorry Tesh), or People magazine because of my brother, Kent. He lets me in on all news, from which Jonas Brother is engaged {the ugly one}, to what business Corey Feldman is currently managing {the Men's Wearhouse}.

I am eternally grateful for Kent and his long list of useful celebrity news.

Until today.

Recently, Kent brought to light a new show on VH1 called "The Great Debate" in which a team of experts debate on certain topics like "Beatles or the Stones" and "Ginger or Mary Ann". I don't have cable so I am unable to see such an extraordinary show.

Kent told me of a recent episode in which they debated who had a better mustache:

Tom Selleck


Burt Reynolds.

Now, the obvious choice of who has the greater stash is the glorious Selleck, right? Right?


According to a team of "experts", Burt seems to have the greater mustache.

I'm just appalled.

Thanks, Kent, for the fantastic news.

And thanks, Halloween 2006, for allowing me to wear the wrong costume. Apparently, I should NOT have dressed as Tom Selleck's Mustache seen in "Quigley Down Under".

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Chili Cook-off

A couple months ago, William
and I were looking in the paper and spotted a
Chili Cook-off in PInetop taking place
on the day of our one year anniversary.
The word "chili" seemed
to be the deciding factor on what we
were going to do to celebrate our one-year.

There were 25 different Chilis to try...
William and I could only try 13.

Then we sailed an excursion on the dangerous
waters of Rainbow Lake.

We got to see some of Arizona's wildlife.

It was amazing.

Monday, July 13, 2009

One Year Anniversary

Cancun, Scooter, Zzzzzzut, Costumes, 24, Taco Bell,, Bike rides, Camping, Nachos, Drumming, Water slide, making videos, Fireworks, Homer Simpson Cup, Slush Bars, Hot Dogs, Nursery, Wii, Voldemort, taking pictures, Beatles Love, Free Slushies, Movies, Fruit Snacks, Chubbs, Oregon, Space Mountain, Tom Petty, Ben Folds, Hulu, Kroger, Chocolate Milk with metal straws, Kent, projects, Coke Zero, Flamin' Hot Cheetos, gym shorts, Ticket to Ride, Tetris, Party Shades, Harkins Cup, QT, Seal, games, Hamburger Piggy bank, and everything else that made this the best year of my life... I love you, William.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Hello everyone.