Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Wild Rumpus!

I finally returned to my classroom on Monday and have about 50 things to do, one of which is the "Welcome Back" bulletin board. I was thrilled when William so graciously volunteered to help create it. (Grading papers + Creating Bulletin Boards = Why teachers are grumpy)

I thought it would be appropriate to do a "Where the Wild Things Are" theme, since the movie is about to come out. (Turn up the volume and watch the trailer for the movie here.)

So I let WIlliam have at it, and this is what he designed:

I seriously am so floored! I love it. I'm so incredibly impressed with William's artistic skills.

Unfortunately, we have to change the "wild rumpus" part. Although that is a fantastic part of the book, it might create a bad impression of what 5th grade is actually like. I don't want my new 5th graders thinking that this year is going to be a rowdy party. It's actually going to be a year full of homework and AIMS testing.


  1. I object at removing "wild rumpus." From what I remember of 5th grade, this was the only time I ever experienced a rumpus of any sort.

    Actually...my teacher somehow got approval to bring an old couch, television, and Nintendo into the room. We were allowed to play Tetris if we had our class work done. We also had the option to stay inside from recess to play Tetris if we wanted to. Greatest. Teacher. Ever.

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsLqKAvKiQM

  3. I would love to join any sort of rumpus.

  4. Love it!! He can come do my bulletin board anytime!!

  5. You. Are. Darling.

    And please tell William he is quite the talented little artist.

  6. Cute blog Jenny! I love your opening picture. Great bulletin board Will! I'm sure those 'wild' trees took a long time.

  7. pin the blue ribbon on his chest! It's amazing. I might steal the idea. can't hurt if we're 2,000 miles apart right?