Thursday, August 20, 2009

Butterfinger Hot Dog: a recipe for success

On the quest for a year supply of Butterfingers, William and his brothers filmed a commercial for the crisp-ety, crunch-ety, peanut-buttery treat.

Although there's some questionable acting in the beginning of the commerical {see girl with red hair}, it is quite hilarious and heart-warming... Hilarious because of the Daniel's portrayal of a Lucha Libre. Heart-warming because of Lucha Libre's willingness to protect a man's precious candy bar.

Credits (in order of appearance):
Disgruntled Co-worker: Alan (Will's brother)
Bad Actor in a tan skirt: Me
ButterDog eater and Lucha Libre owner: William
Delivery Guy with "Waterhawk" style glasses: Michael (Will's brother)
Very pale Lucha Libre: Michael (and by 'Michael', I mean Daniel)
Cameraman and intense, all-knowing contributor: David (another brother of Will)
Music Composer: William, Alan, and GarageBand
ButterDog recipe creator: ME (it's always been a dream of mine)
Lost Bradford brother: Robs
Brainstormer, but won't get any more credit than what I write in this blog: Joe (MY brother)

Watch it, and send it to your friends and fans of Butterfinger!
We need all the publicity we can get.


  1. That. Was. AWESOME.

    I want to hang out with the Bradford Bros. They sound delightful.

  2. Jenny your videos are hilarious!!!!:)

  3. I agree with Julie, they are the funnest, funniest guys I haven't met in person. I am moving to AZ so you can teach my kids and the Bradford Brothers can entertain us all. That was great!

  4. I expect my portion of the winnings.

    Lost Bradford brother