Wednesday, March 20, 2013

June's 2nd Birthday

My little June turned two on Monday. TWO. 

I was so excited to celebrate her birthday, I could barely sleep. 

We ate breakfast at Joe's Farm Grill and played at the dog park afterwards. June had never been to that park, and she was IN HEAVEN. The sweetest dog approached her to throw his frisbee. They played catch for a good ten minutes. I think it was magical for June.

After that, we bought her a little plastic swimming pool and let her play in it while we got the final party preparations ready.

We celebrated with my parents, pizza (June's FAVORITE), and cake. (We also missed having William's parents there.)

Ryan and Sarah stopped by to watch June open presents, which included bubbles, shoes, and a slide, June's favorite things right now.

And watch as June tries her cake for the first time:

making gif

That's my girl.

Happiest Birthday to my favorite little red head. We love you so so much!!