Friday, February 12, 2010

How many licks does it take to get to the mustache part of the Tootsie Pop?

This is a Valentine one of my adorable students made:

I decided I'm going to wear this as a name tag all the time, although it's about the size of my head.

This year for my 5th grade Valentine's Day celebration, I made these for my students:

They're felt lips and mustaches attached to the stick part of a valentine sucker.
I got the idea here.

My students went crazy. The boys' desperation for facial hair quickly faded when they popped those suckers in their mouths. After awhile, the mustaches were transformed to a unibrow, sideburns, and yes, armpit hair. To have created a moment like that is something that I'll be proud of for years to come.

Here's to my Valentine!

I love you, kins.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

10 things to do when I'm sick.

1. Make my students believe they made me sick.(Boy, were they sorry, until I found out they really liked their substitute teacher..."Fine! HE can be your NEW TEACHER!")
2. Try yodeling for the first time. (Because of the loss of my voice, I'm now capable and amazing).
3. Try to solve season 5 of Lost. (The bald guy did it.)
4. Eat Sour Patch Watermelon
5. Miss Conan (see last blog entry)
6. Go through 3 boxes of tissues (I'm seriously on my 4th)
7. Burgers + fries x special sauce = favorite meal when I'm sickly
8. Not grade papers or clean my house or re-upholster couch.
9. Gain weight (see #4 and #7)
10. Take a look at my pedometer...126 steps. Wow! A new all-time low!