Friday, June 29, 2012

When days turn to weeks

It hasn't been easy this past week. June is teething and really bummed about it.

Because of her sickly condition, we've been cooped up inside a lot this past week. I try to keep myself busy (tried bread, sauce and smoothie recipes, organize rooms for guests, indoor activities for June, etc.), but I guess I'm not the kind of person who can stay inside all day.

Thanks to everyone who has lent a hand this last week. 
Listening to: Neil Young and the Disney station on Pandora. (Sometimes you need a little Disney in your life.)
Watching: this video. I'm not a fan of SNL, but I love when they crack up during sketches. Watch it twice, it's funnier the second time.
Eating: Homemade bread. Thank you, bread machine. I have big plans for you.
Anxious for: the month of July... Independence Day (the movie and the holiday), Utah, good friends moving into town, San Francisco.
Wondering about: photo classes/online courses... anyone have a suggestion?

Monday, June 25, 2012

These Days

1. Happiness at Ikea (she was about to eat her ice cream cone)
2. Mother-Daughter photo shoot (you can hardly see it, but June loves putting on her costume jewelry)
3. Curling hair and playing dolls at Grandma's (We're still trying to figure out how to curl her hair better! It never turns out as planned.)
4. Gilbert Temple (They have a visitor's center, it's worth going.)
5. The most amazing cat sweater I've ever seen. (I'm still kicking myself... I should have gotten it for you, Sarah and/or Daphne.)
6. June had a fever for a couple days. We stayed home and watched dog movies all day. My girl loves her dogs.
7. Playing at Barnes and Noble... it's got everything for June (books, toys, puzzles) and everything for me (air-conditioning, a quiet atmosphere, magazines, benches).
8. My first green smoothie... We scored a Vitamix (thanks again David!!) and we love it. It's the best thing to happen in this house since half-priced donuts at QT.
9. Splash Padding it up... June loves her summertime.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sandwich #1

There is a video of me on my first day of kindergarten. I was getting ready for school and my mom was making my lunch. When she asked what kind of sandwich I wanted, without hesitation I said, "Bologna." I loved a good bologna sandwich.

Nowadays, I gag at the sight of bologna, but I still love a good sandwich. I'm constantly dreaming of different types of sandwiches, and studying ones in recipe books and on the web. I want to try documenting the good ones starting now. It's a new series I'm calling "Better than Bologna".

I'm kidding... it's just called "Sandwich."

This one is just a fancy grilled cheese... So there you have it.

Also, I didn't know roasting your own red peppers was so easy. And it made my house smell delicious.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cherry Pickin'

Well, I did it. I tried my hand in paper bag basket weaving today. Surprisingly, it is as awesomely amazing as it sounds. Although it did take longer than I thought. The best part? June quietly and curiously watched as I cut and folded and weaved and glued. 

It was the only thing I could think to do this afternoon, when I'm usually the most tired and unmotivated.

June loves her cherries too:

Here's to trying to fill summer afternoons with tiny projects and delicious snacking.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mr. Treats

My sister-in-law, Laura, said that William was the "perfect kid". She said that he knew how to play and he loved treats more than anyone. 

I love hearing those stories about William growing up:
building candy shops, 
dressing up, 
making movies, 
choreographing sword fights, 
being outside, 
playing music, 
changing lyrics to songs,
putting on magic shows,
getting into trouble, 

It makes me so excited to see our kids doing the same things, because their dad is so creative, energetic, and playful.

I love this picture, because June is smiling just like so many photos I've seen of William when he was her age... I know she'll take on the same fun qualities too.

Happy Father's Day to our favorite man/boy on the planet.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Scott H. Coombs, Esquire

Happy (early) Father's Day!

Don't let this short tie fool you:

My dad is actually one of the coolest around.

Don't know much about him? I'll direct you to the "About" page on his Law Office Website

Dad, there are a couple things you forgot to add to your short Bio: You're smart, funny, handsome, and the life of the party. You can sing really loud and quote the entire President's speech from alien blockbuster movie, "Independence Day". Oh and you kind of look like Mitt Romney. 

I'll be sure to add those things to your Bio later... it'll up your cred. (I also noticed under 'Education', you failed to mention BYU... hmmmmm.)

Happy Father's Day, Dad!
I love you.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

While we're on the subject of food...

Yogurt // Free Donut Day at Krispy Kreme //  Grilled corn and burgers //  Sprouts Sandwich //  Free QT donut // Strawberry Colada Bahama Rama Mama //  Taco Night //  That's a cookie and it was delicious // My favorite restaurant in Gilbert (Joe's BBQ)

Last night William and I watched the documentary, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. It got me thinking of all the food I eat regularly, which basically can be found in the above photo collage (a series I like to call, "Insta-Ham: Watch Me Eat My Feelings").  The film promotes going on juice cleanse, which I know would make me healthier, but it would also turn me into a crusty, cantankerous banshee.  I asked myself: would the juice fast be worth it?

I decided very quickly I would skip the juice fast. However, I was completely inspired to add more fruits and veggies to my diet.

So here's how it went today:

For breakfast I ate an apple and a slice of whole grain bread.
For my mid-morning snack I reached for a banana, but they were too green.
So instead I ate potato chips.
Now I'm eating leftover smashed potatoes for lunch (which are incredible, by the way), and I plan on getting a half-priced donut at QT when the clock strikes three.

Somebody help me, please.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I'm trying really hard to be a morning person.

William can attest that I don't like mornings one bit. He's energetic, singing a tune and motivated to do a chore. I'm the complete opposite... grumpy, groggy, and dragging my feet. I save my chores for after lunch. 

Luckily, June is a morning person. She LOVES to wake up. I swear her favorite meal of the day is breakfast (with the exception of dessert, of course). I think I'd be a morning person, too, if I knew that I could take a morning nap.

Listening to: The new Shins album. I love it. Also, this Mr. Rogers Remix song. (Thanks Daphne.)
Eating: Homemade Dunkaroos. It's just melted chocolate chips and graham crackers. (Remember Dunkaroos?! They were really gross, actually.) 
Planning: An afternoon at the splash pad, healthy dinners, and a Father's Day project for Activity Days.
Watching: John-John on Sesame Street. Remember John-John? Cutest kid on that show. June loves him too. 
About to start reading: The Daughter of Smoke and Bone... I heard good things. 

Friday, June 8, 2012


Like most kids in Arizona, June is sporting her summer uniform:

Plans for this weekend:
1. Organize my iPhoto library. It's to a point where a message pops up every time I want to import photos... apparently, I've got waaaaay to many photos.
2. Enjoy watching William work on the yard in the confines of my air-conditioned kitchen... maybe step outside to bring him some lemonade.
3. Lug our big cabinet upstairs so I can finally organize our hallway closet.
4. Date night, which may include eating Lo Lo's.
5. Walk more with June... she is SO CLOSE.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Eat and swim and eat and more eating

One thing I need (REALLY REALLY NEED) is something to look forward to. Sometimes I'll have spells where I'm not feeling the most happy about things, and I quickly realize that I need to plan something to be excited about.

I'm feeling pretty content after making our 'Summer To Do' List.

I realized much of our list is food-related (grilling, pies, breads, Postino's, etc.). William wants to try an open mic night, which makes me incredibly nervous. But I may even be more nervous to clean our garage, simply because there might be attack-ready spiders lurking in the depths therein. 

I saw this, and I've obsessed over several chalkboard art all over the webs, so I styled it after those. I loved doing this. Just like Debfreckles says,  "I want (need) to be creative more often... I realized that being creative makes me happy and I am going to try and do it more." 

P.S. I'm definitely looking forward to this the most: