Tuesday, January 12, 2010

NBC now stands for "No Brain Conan-Killers"

Dear NBC,
I hate you.
Jenny B

Dear FOX Network,
Please give Conan O'brien sufficient funds to start a new show on your network. I've watched The Cone Zone for 9 years now and he's never disappointed (except for a certain bear costume). I've seen him live in New York twice and even shook his hand (it felt like a little girl's hand). I adore him for bringing me Michael McDonald's Summer Camp, Cactus Chef playing "we didn't start the fire" on the flute, and Dudez-a-Plenti.
If you bring him back, I promise I'll forgive you for American Idol and start watching your network. Thank you from the bottom of my heart (shaped like Conan's big head).
Jenny B

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Already crossing off the "No Procrastinating" goal off my list...

Happy LATE New Year from Chubbs!

Yeah, I know.
It's January 5th, and I've only began establishing my New Year's goals. Normally, I really don't make goals but I've recently decided to become a professional list-maker. So here's the list of my 10 goals for the year TWO ZERO TEN:

1. Learn how to cook 10 breakfasts that I've never tasted.
2. Learn how to cook 10 lunches that I've never tasted.
3. Learn how to cook 10 dinners that I've never tasted.
4. Learn how to cook 10 desserts that I've never tasted.
5. Learn how to thread my sewing machine and learn to sew 10 different items.
6. Lose 10 pounds (this is always on my list, by the way)
7. Read churchy things for (at least) 10 minutes a day, everyday.
8. Learn 10 new songs on the drums.
9. Read the following 10 books: Catch-22, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, 1984, East of Eden, Les Miserables, The Road, The Catcher in the Rye, Anne of Green Gables, The Mysterious Benedict Society and the Perilous Journey, Here There and Everywhere. (Of course I'll read other books but I've been meaning to get my hands on these.)
10. Take better care of my 10 fingers and 10 toes. (Meaning I need to stop biting my nails. I'll accomplish this task simply by wearing nail polish.)

P.S. Depending on how I do, I'll try to post my progress. Number 11 goal: Come up with a way cooler list next year. Try the list found on the back of the Reese's Puffs Cereal box: