Sunday, September 19, 2010

Voyaging into the realm of Nerds: Part II

Last Friday, I went to the event I look forward to more than Christmas.

We had another Harry Potter Party to celebrate the release of the 7th movie coming this November. This is our 5th Potter bash, but only our 3rd costume party. It is now tradition to dress as a character from the book, have a feast, and teach a class (Hogwarts style).

(Back row, left) Fred and George Weasley, Yours Truly (Harry Potter), Hagrid, Nearly Headless Nick, Professor Dumbledore, (front row, left) Fleur Delacour, Professor McGonagall, and a Centaur (probably my favorite costume of the evening) Photo taken by the talented Janet (Dumbledore).

For my class this year, we did a little Divination and looked into the future of Harry and Voldemort. Watch the video here.
Thanks to my William for the fine movie editing and the rockin' Harry Potter theme music. Thanks to my brother-in-law, Alan, for sporting the sweaty mask and the short shorts. Thanks to my pal Carli for putting up with Sirius Black during the sweet Butt Light party (sorry he was such a jerk).

Oh, I hope there will be more parties like this soon! (Thank goodness the 7th movie is in 2 parts.)

This is my favorite picture because I'm laughing so hard at Hagrid (Ashlee). Good times, Haggy.