Friday, February 22, 2013

Mini Vacation

The only two downsides going to Oceanside in February are the rocks on the beach and Pappy's Market has weird hours. That's how great this trip was. (No really, click the Pappy's link. It will take you to their Facebook page and inform you when they are open and whether or not they have limes.)

My good friend (and June's new favorite dancing buddy), Carli, has a family-owned beach house that we frequent. I feel like I can finally go to Oceanside wearing my "Don't Hassle Me, I'm Local" t-shirt. We have loved every single stay at that beloved Porter house. And of course my good (and new!) friends all came along. It's terrific to surround yourself with people who know delicious food and delicious times. (See more about it here. Thanks Andrea.)

We were excited to take June to the beach for her first time. We thought her reaction would look something like this.

But instead, it looked like this:

June wasn't impressed with the ocean, but we're relieved she LOVED the sand.
 She's obviously a desert girl.

The weather was perfect. I didn't have my infamous California hair (aka "Seagull Nest") because it wasn't humid. But apparently, June has a m a z i n g beach hair:

The above picture are the Stevensons showing off their cartwheel stunts.
The below family picture is our ride back to Gilbert. We'll see you soon, Oceanside.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Zoo Day

We finally took June to the Phoenix zoo for her first time. I haven't been since high school, so this felt new to me too. Except the smell, I remember the smell vividly.

Some highlights:
• We went with the Reids, who were good sports through June's snack breaks, animal observations, and eventual tantrum on the carousel. Plus, Cora makes the best "funny face".
• June's animal sounds throughout the entire time. (Monkeys: "AAH-oo-oo", Lions: "Neyum Neyum" which is June's cat sounds)
• The monkey cage, which is both amazing and terrifying. (Amazing because of how close the monkeys jump around you, and terrifying because I was thinking of the movie "Outbreak" the entire time we were inside.)
We'll see you again, Phoenix Zoo. That splash pad will be calling our name this summer.