Thursday, February 21, 2013

Zoo Day

We finally took June to the Phoenix zoo for her first time. I haven't been since high school, so this felt new to me too. Except the smell, I remember the smell vividly.

Some highlights:
• We went with the Reids, who were good sports through June's snack breaks, animal observations, and eventual tantrum on the carousel. Plus, Cora makes the best "funny face".
• June's animal sounds throughout the entire time. (Monkeys: "AAH-oo-oo", Lions: "Neyum Neyum" which is June's cat sounds)
• The monkey cage, which is both amazing and terrifying. (Amazing because of how close the monkeys jump around you, and terrifying because I was thinking of the movie "Outbreak" the entire time we were inside.)
We'll see you again, Phoenix Zoo. That splash pad will be calling our name this summer.


  1. I really wanted to get some kind of Jungle Burger while we were there. :(

  2. I love, LOVE your photography skillz. Want to take some not-maternity maternity pictures of me? Maybe with Cora and/or Gary involved so I don't feel so weird and self conscious? Sleep on it.

  3. Love your blog. Love your pics! Love you and that cute little redhead!