Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cherry Pickin'

Well, I did it. I tried my hand in paper bag basket weaving today. Surprisingly, it is as awesomely amazing as it sounds. Although it did take longer than I thought. The best part? June quietly and curiously watched as I cut and folded and weaved and glued. 

It was the only thing I could think to do this afternoon, when I'm usually the most tired and unmotivated.

June loves her cherries too:

Here's to trying to fill summer afternoons with tiny projects and delicious snacking.


  1. could you please weave me a basket to put some hot dogs in?!

  2. What a cute idea! I am looking up a tutorial right now :-)
    P.S. I love that June's outfit matches the cherries :-) Too adorable!

  3. Girl, we think so much alike. I am going to be posting soon about something very similar that I just did.