Wednesday, June 13, 2012

While we're on the subject of food...

Yogurt // Free Donut Day at Krispy Kreme //  Grilled corn and burgers //  Sprouts Sandwich //  Free QT donut // Strawberry Colada Bahama Rama Mama //  Taco Night //  That's a cookie and it was delicious // My favorite restaurant in Gilbert (Joe's BBQ)

Last night William and I watched the documentary, Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. It got me thinking of all the food I eat regularly, which basically can be found in the above photo collage (a series I like to call, "Insta-Ham: Watch Me Eat My Feelings").  The film promotes going on juice cleanse, which I know would make me healthier, but it would also turn me into a crusty, cantankerous banshee.  I asked myself: would the juice fast be worth it?

I decided very quickly I would skip the juice fast. However, I was completely inspired to add more fruits and veggies to my diet.

So here's how it went today:

For breakfast I ate an apple and a slice of whole grain bread.
For my mid-morning snack I reached for a banana, but they were too green.
So instead I ate potato chips.
Now I'm eating leftover smashed potatoes for lunch (which are incredible, by the way), and I plan on getting a half-priced donut at QT when the clock strikes three.

Somebody help me, please.


  1. I am of no help on this subject. Unless you need help getting half-priced donuts. More than willing.