Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I'm trying really hard to be a morning person.

William can attest that I don't like mornings one bit. He's energetic, singing a tune and motivated to do a chore. I'm the complete opposite... grumpy, groggy, and dragging my feet. I save my chores for after lunch. 

Luckily, June is a morning person. She LOVES to wake up. I swear her favorite meal of the day is breakfast (with the exception of dessert, of course). I think I'd be a morning person, too, if I knew that I could take a morning nap.

Listening to: The new Shins album. I love it. Also, this Mr. Rogers Remix song. (Thanks Daphne.)
Eating: Homemade Dunkaroos. It's just melted chocolate chips and graham crackers. (Remember Dunkaroos?! They were really gross, actually.) 
Planning: An afternoon at the splash pad, healthy dinners, and a Father's Day project for Activity Days.
Watching: John-John on Sesame Street. Remember John-John? Cutest kid on that show. June loves him too. 
About to start reading: The Daughter of Smoke and Bone... I heard good things. 


  1. I am the same way. I am SO not a morning person, yet I HAVE to get up at 4:30 am Monday thru Friday. So not fun. And, James? He drives me a little crazy in the morning. He wants to chat and be all happy, while I don't want you to even look at me for another 3 hours. Gavin is a morning person, too.

  2. The biggest thing I'm worried about when baby comes is that he'll be a morning person. JK, but seriously, my morning starts at 10:30 right now and that's the way mama likes it. And you're right, Dunkaroos were weird. Why was my mom always buying them?

  3. I am also not a morning person. I walk around my house not dressed till about noon. (TMI? probably). Dave is the same as Will, he gets up to go to the gym at 5. ew. I am trying to be better because my kids wake up at 6 but I just cant be in a good mood till lunch happens. If I was allowed to do chores and projects and shopping in the middle of the night, I would be so content. Too bad we werent blessed with babies that like to sleep in till 10 o clock. maybe next time. She is a doll.