Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Greatest Debate of all Time

This is Kent.
I don't need US magazine, TMZ, Entertainment Tonight (sorry Tesh), or People magazine because of my brother, Kent. He lets me in on all news, from which Jonas Brother is engaged {the ugly one}, to what business Corey Feldman is currently managing {the Men's Wearhouse}.

I am eternally grateful for Kent and his long list of useful celebrity news.

Until today.

Recently, Kent brought to light a new show on VH1 called "The Great Debate" in which a team of experts debate on certain topics like "Beatles or the Stones" and "Ginger or Mary Ann". I don't have cable so I am unable to see such an extraordinary show.

Kent told me of a recent episode in which they debated who had a better mustache:

Tom Selleck


Burt Reynolds.

Now, the obvious choice of who has the greater stash is the glorious Selleck, right? Right?


According to a team of "experts", Burt seems to have the greater mustache.

I'm just appalled.

Thanks, Kent, for the fantastic news.

And thanks, Halloween 2006, for allowing me to wear the wrong costume. Apparently, I should NOT have dressed as Tom Selleck's Mustache seen in "Quigley Down Under".


  1. Tom Selleck hands Down. I have had a crush on him and his mustach since like the 3rd grade when I first saw Quigley Down Under. He's so dreamy!!!

  2. LOL! Mustaches are just plain GROSS in general.

  3. It's like an air filter. Most of us spend money on one, they just grow one. You're so funny, Jenny!

  4. hahaha kent knows every simpsons quote also. love it.

    yes, I do grind my teeth around my husband because of his cuteness...and he's starting to do it too. it's catching on and i'm determined it started from me and you...gritting our teeth when we played with muffy dolls

  5. See, this is how I know we are related. Two "stache" brains think alike. No contest. Selleck all the way.
    And once again...we have Kent to thank for bringing this to our attention. Think of all the debates that could have gone awry. We would be so lost without him.