Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I love when families have a language of their own.

Take the Dana's, for instance, my mom's side of the family. If you've ever heard anyone say "guy", "seahag", "died our heads", "blast", "neeeer", or "netla", you're probably talking to a Dana.

I especially love when that language gets used so much that it becomes second nature, and you accidently use the language in conversation with people outside your family. Then, the people you're conversing with get confused.

That's basically what happened when I first met the Bradfords... but I like to think I have their language down by now.

When William and I went on our Utah trip last week to visit his family, I noticed many of the photos we took amazingly portray some of the many Bradford words (Bradwords) that exist.

Here are just a few of those words:

And there you have it.


  1. Biggums is perhaps the best word on this list. And for the record, I'm glad you didn't have any pictures of "Juice a Slicky."

  2. That's right. Look at Jenny's dainty little burger bite. Quality.

    There needs to be a picture for "beast" as well.

    Beast [beest]
    - noun: "Don't be a beast."
    - verb: "Don't beast it open." or "Daniel beasted William into the wall."