Saturday, March 26, 2011

June's Delivery

(Look at us... Happy as clams. Little do we know how much sleep we were about to NOT get.)

The following post really is more of a journal entry. I also plan on using this post as leverage if/when June ever gets mad at me for something.

So here's how it all went down.

Dr. Lepetitch put me on bed rest on March 7th. My blood pressure went up and I needed to stay off my feet. I had to leave school a week earlier than I thought.


Saturday, March 12th - DUE DATE - nothing.
Monday, March 14th - No contractions, dilation at 1. Doctor schedules to induce me on Friday, March 18th.
Wednesday night - worst night of my pregnancy: up every hour, pains above my stomach...still have no idea if I was having contractions.
Thursday, March 17th - Called the Dr. Lepetitch that morning, he told us to go into the hospital.
9:30am - Checked in, blood taken, the nurse couldn't get my blood out and it was very painful and I was crying and I felt dumb because I was already crying and I knew I was in for much, much, much worse pain.
12:00pm - Moved to my "delivery room" which is a giant room that houses a "bed" (a plastic pad with a fitted sheet on it), and a "TV" (Extremely tiny for such a large room). Given meds to thin my cervix. Waiting... waiting...
3:00pm Was told I didn't have enough platelets in my blood, which means no epidural. Wait, WHAT?! NO EPIDURAL?!
3:05pm - 3:10 - Sobs.
3:30pm - Doc says they'll try injecting me with steroids to up my platelets. Yes...Steroids! (Looking forward to buffing up.) William gives me a blessing.
11:00pm - Are these contractions?! Um...I think I'm having contractions! Yay! Woo Hoo!!
Friday, March 18th -
2:00am - Hello nurse? Yeah, could you unhook me from these machines I need to use the restroom. Oh...nevermind, that was my water braking.
3:00am - Good news, Jenny! Your platelet count went up! Let's get you an epidural!
3:01am - Crying for joy
3:45am- Got an epidural. I. love. my. life.
4:30am - Sleep the best sleep of my life.
6:30am - Dilated at an 8...moving much more quickly than expected.
7:40am - Hi, I'm Dr. T. Let's start pushing!!
7:45am - 9:28am - Pushing commences. Contractions come once every 3-4 minutes. I could only push every other one because my baby's heart rate drops during contractions. Even though I had the epidural, there was plenty of painful pressure. Towards the end, I really felt like I couldn't finish. Then...
9:29am - Hi June.

That's pretty much it. William did awesome. My mom was there too. They both told me afterwards that they were both pushing when I pushed. I thought that was so cute.

I really am so grateful for the experience... especially, since June came to existence.


  1. I love the detailed run down of everything. I can't wait to meet your little one next week. I am just waiting to make sure I don't get Katelyn's cold. Things look good so far.

    I know we had a lot of the same birthing experiences. My nurse didn't put my IV in correctly and had to redo it and that made me cry from pain. I thought the same thing. Am I crying already? I haven't even started contractions!!

  2. You are Super Woman! :-)

    I LOVE the reason for writing. I totally need to preface my daughter's birth story the same way. LOL

  3. i was pushing too...haha. that sounds weird. but you were definitely in my thoughts and prayers! I'm so glad everything worked out in the end and that you and June are healthy!

  4. oh, oh i love birthing stories. this post brought a tear to my eye...

    did you know june is my very favortie name for a baby girl? it is, baby june.

  5. when I read no epidural I was literally yelling NOOOO and then I read that you got the epidural and I was like BOOOO YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE epidurals, I would get one right now if they let me. The epidural was probably the highlight of my entire pregnancy. excluding the baby.

    can't wait to meet baby june.

  6. Love the details, love the name, June, love you guys! Congrats!!

  7. Ahhh, Jenny! Way to go sista!!!! You're amazing and I can't wait to meet your precious little June!!!!