Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My first Mother's Day

Guess who also had their first Mother's Day last Sunday?

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! I SHARE MY FIRST MOTHER'S DAY WITH KELLY KAPOWSKI AND WINNIE COOPER?!! What a dream... I knew I could be best friends with them someday.

I've mentioned before that William has a way with giving awesome gifts.
This time he did a scavenger hunt.
This is how it went...

He handed me this card as soon as I woke up:

At first I was like, "Get your own nasty breakfast, son!! It's MY day."
And then I realized it was a scavenger hunt.

So I checked the pantry:

Then the fridge...

With as much dignity as I could muster, I went into our bathroom and lifted the lid:

The next clue was taped on one of my favorite movies:

"The Joker has what he needs" is my favorite line from this Bradford video. (You have to listen really carefully when "Brad" {Daniel} says it in the background.)

Also, did you notice how William spelled "droor" on the card? I told William he spelled it wrong, and he said "No I didn't. Google it, it's there." So I googled 'droor' and this website came up. (Urban Dictionary is right...droor is better than a stupid drawer.)


The final gift was envelopes full of cash. William knows what I really want on holidays.
Thank you loves!

And thank you June for being my daughter... I love being your mom.


  1. You all COULD be BFF's as the Awesome Hair Club!! :-)

    June gets cuter by the day! And Wm. gets husband points. Kuh-yewt.

  2. June is darn lucky to have you and william!

  3. Jenny, June has your red hair!! so dang cute!!

  4. I knew that I should have had a baby this year! I guess that I'll have to share my first Mother's Day with some less awesome TV stars some day (But first I will work on getting married in the same year as some other less awesome stars).