Saturday, May 22, 2010

Toes and Beef

Guessing Game: Whose pedicured, meaty feet are behind my pale legs?

You guessed it!! It's William.

Today my lovely mom graciously treated us to a pedicure.

William enjoyed it immensely...and his feet look amazing.

Don't worry... we were treated to a MANLY lunch afterwards:
Kobe beef burgers at AJ's.

Thanks mom for a lovely Saturday!!


  1. I wish they would have used the kobe beef technique when soaking my feet. I think the results would have been more satisfying.

  2. 2 Questions for William:

    1. Did they have to use a jigsaw to clip your toenails?

    2. More importantly, did you ask them to save them in a Ziplock baggie so you can send them to Michael? (I hear he's starting up his collection again.)

  3. Marilyn hasn't treated me to a pedicure in WEEKS. I'm staring to think she likes you better than me.

  4. I love it! Jason needs to come with me sometime, how fun! And PS - Jenny, that couch is AMAZING!! I am so impressed! Maybe you can help me do that someday... :)