Saturday, April 17, 2010

Easter outfits and a weekly review

William and I took some Family Easter Pics:


On a less awkward note, I want to start making lists of things that I do on a weekly basis. Not only will it give me a chance to brag at how eventful my life is, but I can also cross out 'write in your journal' off my to do list.

Here's a taste of this last week:
1. Fryday at Jack in the Box: William and I dressed up in our Easter outfits and went to Jack in the Box to try their new, free fries. We gave their fries a 'C+'. We miss their thick-cut ones.
2. AIMS testing: Thank you 'No Child Left Behind' Act for not leaving children behind, but stealing their childhood.
3. I made this cake (Thank you cousin Jane!) and it's a hit with both William, the missionaries, and the staff at Canyon Rim Elementary.
4. William and I had a lengthy discussion of who should be Robin in the next Batman movie. We both agreed on Casey Affleck.
5. I finally cleaned out my car after months. It was really frightening what accumulates in there after a long period of time.
6. Watched the critically-acclaimed movie "Bandslam" (83% on Rotten Tomatoes!) The movie was awful, but the quotes were life-changing: "Do the thing that scares you." Thanks Bandslam!
7. Went to the nephew's baseball game. Easton hit one out in left field and ran to 3rd base. Mitch wouldn't let me have any of his Cool Ranch Doritos. London didn't play baseball but managed to look super bad:

And that about covers it! Tune in for next week's events which might include buying a bathroom rug and playing Mario Bros 3!


  1. The giant hamburger...Is that William trying to do the thing that scares him?

  2. That picture of Londy kills me! So funny!!! You guys need to come over and 'hang'.....

  3. i LOVE your house. i LOVE that you re-did your couch. i LOVE your easter pictures. well done, cousin! i miss you. i wish we were closer together so we could fix up our houses together!

  4. Love the hamburger, my favorite part. I think you look so much like you mom in these pictures.

  5. Jenny-This doesn't have to do with this post, but I was at Fry's last week and I heard a familiar song. It took me a minute and then I realized it was the song that you and William created your Christmas music video to. I have no idea why they were playing that song in May, but they did and it made me think of you and all your fun videos. :)