Saturday, April 10, 2010

Craft Room

Peeps: Do you have a craft room in your new home?
Me: Sort of.
Peeps: What's that supposed to mean?
Me: Well, I have a room that houses my barely-used sewing machine, box of tangled up ribbons, outdated scrapbook paper, and art supplies I've collected over the years that have still gone unused.
Peeps: So you DO have a craft room!
Me: It's not a craft room.
Peeps: What is it?
Me: An office/project/art room...and when I learn to sew, it'll change to my sewing/office/project/art room.
Peeps: Why can't you call it a craft room?
Me: Because I don't like the word 'craft'. The word 'craft' is associated with witches and Martha Stewart...both in whom coincidently fall in the same category.
Peeps: Hey I like Martha Stewart.
Me: So do I! I have an office/project/art room because I want to be her someday... minus the witch part.
Peeps: You're dead to me.
Me: Fine. It's a craft room.


  1. I used to have a "craft room". But really it was just an entire room devoted to all of the "crafting" crap that would buy with every intention of using, and then promptly forget about.

    Now I have to share a room with Gary and we have a half-office, half-pile-of-Holly's-crap room.

    Are we going to see pictures of your sweet, sweet casa de Bradford soon? Yes?

  2. Okay, so you probably picked the best pic of Martha Stewart ever. And I don't like witches either.

  3. Glad you've finally admitted it :)You'll love having one!!

  4. I can't wait to see 2 cats in the yard.