Thursday, June 24, 2010

I've voyaged into the realm of Nerds.

A couple weeks ago, MSNBC asked readers to submit photos of Star Wars costumes they've stitched. Yes, William and I did re-create costumes of Princess Leia and Han Solo. So of course William took the initiative to send our photo from Halloween of 2008.

Hello World:

That's us in the big photo. (This is the best screen shot we could get from the article itself.) If you would like to take a moment to actually read the article find it here. Our photo will be found with the other fans, 7th row last photo.


  1. we nerds welcome you with open energy force-fields that will guide & protect you throughout the galaxy.

  2. You're famous!!! Love the costumes!

  3. Jenny
    I guess I must be a nerd because I LOVE it!! Maybe if you guys were walking around Comic Con dressed like that I would think you were nerds, than again I might just think you were awesome.