Saturday, June 12, 2010

Water Warfare

Last night, William and I had a sleepover for the nephews.

We were going to go swimming, but instead we engaged in a battle of water balloons and water guns. You can see the rage written all over the faces of these boys. They definitely inherited this competition gene from MY brothers and I. Watch as the battle unfolds...

Here is Grant confidently running after he just mauled his younger brother with a water balloon...

...then Carson counterattacks!!! (While the rest of the nephews are wearing their shirts, notice Carson's the only one with his shirt off. He has yet to discover the 'pale skin' gene that has also infected the entire Coombs family)

It seemed that Emerson had just discovered the magic of water balloons and squirt guns. He only aimed at the grass. (Maybe he was testing the artillery for his team. When I asked if this was indeed his intention, he just said "Dinosaur.")

William got in on the action, but couldn't live up to the unstoppable force called Mitch...

... so Easton grabs a bazooka to save Uncle Will from his brother...

...Band of Brotherly Love.

Mitch committed a war crime by attacking Aunt Jenny who happened to be holding a very expensive camera. I was able to capture the moment for evidence. Watch as he shows no mercy:

Uncle Will decided he needed to teach these boys a lesson... with 2 SuperSoakers to the face.

Poor defenseless Carson...

And one last attack on Aunt Jenny with the camera:

Taking a break on a sprinkler (hey, if it feels good...):


After cleaning up the damage (175 water balloon remnants), we were able to recover from our battle wounds with an Orange Crush.

Other sleepover highlights:
1. Watching Emerson mooch a ride 5 times from another kid on the Merry-Go-Round at Peter Piper Pizza.
2. Carson pleading, "Please don't suck my blood!" after Grant tried on the fangs he won from playing games.
3. Listening to Carson sing "Fireflies".
4. Dance party complete with a strobe light and fog machine...(then the endless requests later that night to play "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson.)
5. Listening to Mitch complain about how lame my dance moves were. ("Stop Jenny, you stink!!!)
6. Watching '3 Ninjas' ("First we feast, then we felony!")
7. Only six hours of sleep (not really a highlight)

Have I mentioned how much I love summer?!


  1. Have I mentioned how much the boys LOVED this sleep over? Grant hasn't put his 'fangs' down all day. You guys went above and beyond. I'm ready to schedule another one :)

  2. P.S. Grant looks so grown up to me in that top picture!

  3. Jenny, I am glad you have a blog and glad your mom posted about it on FB so now I know about it. I am glad you have a house, how fun. I just read your whole blog, just now. You're so great.

  4. haha, this looks like a great sleep over! you and william are great at handling all those boys!

    p.s. i have nightmares that my teeth fall out...i think its due to the squishing!

  5. Well my my aren't you the coolest auntie on the WHOLE planet!!! HEY WOMAN!!! I'm so glad you found me,I looked you up on FB and thought I really miss but I have yet to create an account for due time. I just got Alli's dress THANK YOU!THANK YOU! Tell your mom too, unless she has a blog I'll tell her. It's sooooo cute! Hope I see you soon cuz! Love Ya!

  6. I like just about everything from this post, but the thing that I like most of all is that you watched 3 Ninjas. Rocky loves Emily!