Sunday, October 17, 2010

Start spreading the news: New York eats are my favorite treats.

The following lists my favorite things about our recent trip to New York:

1. This Gyro.

2. This pose next to the Statue of Liberty.

3. Dreaming in Barbie's Dreamhouse in Toy's R Us. (That's me in the 3rd window dreaming about Ken.)

4. Mr. Lennon's 70th Birthday

5. This T-Rex in the Natural History Museum.

6. This view from the top of the Metropolitan Museum.

7. This piece of art.

8. This Bum standing behind me and William. (Thanks again, Bum, for letting us stay in your shanty.)

Other highlights:
9. Traveling to Sleepy Hollow, only to find that the festivities are only on the weekends and Ichabod Crain is not as scary as the PEOPLE of Sleepy Hollow. (Sleepy Harlem?)
10. Watching Robs lose in Farkle.
11. Carnegie Deli Cheesecake.
12. Shaking hands with Jimmy Fallon
13. The Roots on Jimmy Fallon
14. Basically every meal we ate
15. The guy on the subway with the dancing pecs.
16n. The awesome lamp I found for the nursery for only $12

Biggest Disappointments:
1. The $22 we had to spend to Fedex the lamp home
2. The fact that we ate at a McDonald's in Sleepy Hollow.
3. My papaya juice was not made with fresh papaya.
4. The guest on Jimmy Fallon was Whoopi Goldberg.
5. I have to go back to school tomorrow to a week of report cards and parent-teacher conferences.

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  1. Awesome! You are so smart to have an adventure like that before the baby. Fun and yum!