Sunday, December 5, 2010

Beating Robs...a new Christmas Tradition?

This is my brother-in-law Robs:

He's the one on the left, enjoying a feminine-pink Italian soda with Alan.

Growing up in a house full of competitive boys, I may have picked up a little competitiveness of my own. Just a little.

And for some reason beyond me, I've chosen to fiercely compete with Robs.

For example, when I play Ticket to Ride with my in-laws, Robs is the man to take down. He's like a virus--He destroys railroad tracks in a sinister silence AND when you least expect it. Plus, he wins practically every game. So during those few times when he loses, I feel like my dad after an ASU win against U of A--I just want to run out and bear my testimony.

Recently, Robs posted a rather charming recipe for Hot Cocoa on Facebook: Hot chocolate + mint extract + whipped cream + nutmeg.

My competitive drive decided to one-up Robs by making an even more delicious Hot Cocoa recipe.

So William and I made a recipe similar to "Flanders Hot Cocoa" last night. Ned Flanders is a neighbor to the Simpsons, and in the Simpsons movie, he makes Bart a dreamy hot cocoa concoction. See the clip here.

Hershey's Bliss Hot Chocolate + Whipped Cream + Oreo Vanilla Wafers + Chocolate shavings + more Whipped Cream + a toasted Marshmallow = Heaven


Robs, enjoy your nutmeg/mint cocoa. I think I won this round. What a great way to get into the Christmas spirit!


  1. Jenny. I need a copy of that fruity drink picture. I'm making a holiday scrapbook. Pronto.

  2. I will admit defeat in regard to the hot cocoa.

    Do you remember that awesome game of Ticket to Ride when we ended with a point tie? So, as the rules state, we then looked to see who had completed the most destination cards. Again, a tie....BUT lo and behold, the rules went on to explain (and I quote), "In the unlikely event that they are still tied, the player with the Longest Continuous Path card wins." That's all I will say...

    Thank you for the dedicated post, however. It made my day!

    PS. You need to post more pictures from your trip.

  3. hey...I met him the other week :)