Sunday, November 28, 2010

It's the Hap Happiest Season

(William getting geared up for the Christmas Season.)

Here's what happened on my favorite week of the year:
1. I got sick. (Of course... it's my favorite week of the year.)

2. Colonial Day on Wednesday with my students... churning butter, Bilbo catchers, and eating pumpkin pie. When asked what they're grateful for, I had 2 students say "You, Mrs. Bradford!" That's 2 more thankful kids than last year.

3. Thanksgiving meal at mom and dad's. Favorite part: It's actually a tie between Mom's stuffing and Kent claiming he's just going to "nibble nibble" (he had another Thanksgiving to attend a few hours after ours).

4. William's Thanksgiving Rap. See the great great great great great great great grandson of Governor William Bradford rapping about his favorite Thanksgiving foods here.

5. Watching the movie "Unstoppable". It's like the movie Duel, but more dramatic. If you like swirling camera angles and shots of a beastly train that the director would like you to think has a mind of its own, then go see it. I mean, rent it. I mean, don't even bother.

6. Black Friday. I'm no Black Friday pro yet, but we woke up at 4 am to go to Target. William and I went to get a hard drive for our computer (I know... very exciting merchandise). At first, the shelf was empty. But after an hour of looking around the store and laughing at the drama other shoppers were facing, we managed to snag one. Then we ate a donut and went back to bed.

7. Receiving a bunch of baby clothes from my sister-in-law Marci. Did I say "a bunch"? I really meant a truck load. I started to sort them, and after 45 minutes, I decided I needed to hire someone to do it for me... I didn't even make a dent. Thank you Londy and Marci! I can't wait for my girlie to meet this girlie:

(London had just snagged that drink from the counter. She's a sneaky one.)

8. Putting up Christmas Decorations. I'd post pictures, but my house is a mess from putting up Christmas Decorations and sorting a truck-load of baby clothes.

9. William and I recorded our latest Christmas song. I know, the anticipation is unbearable after hearing last year's song AND the amazing remix. But I can't post it yet... it's not even December.

Now that I've had a wonderful weekend, it's time to mope around to the tune of Charlie Brown's Christmas song. I have 3 full weeks of school left before my next vacation.


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  1. I think I'm going to need a separate advent calendar that counts down to your song release. I am highly anticipating!

    (By the way, that stuffing recipe, in my opinion, is our greatest inheritance as Dana posterity.)