Sunday, November 7, 2010

Boy oh boy.

My parent's first were boys.
My in-law's first was a boy.
Joe's first was a boy.
Jay's first was a boy.
Four brothers.
Five brother-in-laws.
Five nephews.
I even dreamt it was a boy.

"See? It's a girl!"
"Umm...are you sure?"
"Yes. Right there."
"Really? Are you postitive?"
"Yes, in fact, let's try from a different angle...see? Still a girl."
"Oh. Okay."

So here were my next thoughts:

I wouldn't feel comfortable dressing a boy in this...

...or this...

...and I probably couldn't watch and enjoy this with a boy...

...or watch this...

...And last, I probably couldn't play with one of these...

...or one of these with a boy...

I'm going to get used to this girl very, very quickly. :)


  1. You are going to LOVE having a girl!! Also, where are those freaking cute dresses from? Methinks C needs them...or me. I need them. Girl's dresses are so cute that everytime I look at clothes for C I end up super annoyed that they don't come in my size.

  2. Girls are wonderful!! A lot more cute outfits to choose from.

  3. Beyond excited!!! You need to come visit us. I bought baby girl bradford a tiny little gift!!!

  4. You have the right attitude. The other day in the car Gracie said, "girls are cool". She couldn't be more right.

  5. True confession: When I found out my first was a girl, I burst into tears. Now I look back and wonder, "What was I thinking???" Baby girls are where it's AT!!

  6. WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! As I't sure you know... we love having little girls around. Never a dull Moment.

  7. I love how everyone who left a comment has extremely cute daughters. You guys have made me all the more excited!

  8. Seriously, just think of you and me when we were little girls. That's reason enough for you to be excited. You'll teach her well how to play Barbies, orphans, and Secret Garden correctly.

  9. Oh, and is it weird that I kind of want a girl first now too?

  10. Actually, my husband still has a cabbage patch cowboy doll that he played with when he was little, and my little Tyson saw me reading this post & made me scroll back up to the princess, Ariel. : ) I'm amazed when my boys ask for the girl movies--usually they like to watch them for the villans, but I don't complain, because I don't mind watching things like Beauty and the Beast.

    I'm glad you have a girl, though. : )