Friday, February 18, 2011

Baby Shower and repeated use of the term "Shout Out".

Party-Planning Queen Extraordinaire (also known as my sister-in-law, Marci) asked me 2 seconds after I announced my pregnancy if she could throw my shower. I knew I wouldn't be disappointed.

Yet again (remember this one?), she threw an unforgettable party that I was so delighted to be a part of.

I went to my own shower with every intention of taking plenty of pictures. Of course, I got to the food table and pretty much stopped there. (Can you tell where my priorities lie?) I forgot to assign someone to take my you can read more about my shower here. (And I suggest you browse through some of Marci's other famous parties. She's amazing!) Thank you Marci for making that day unforgettable!

And now, I have a few more shout-outs to no particular order.

Here's a shout-out to my lovely mother.

(This is my favorite photo of her.)

Mom, thanks for decorating your house in such a way that adds elegance and grace to every party that is thrown there. Also, thank you for making sure my baby has everything she needs. I cannot wait for her to meet her Grandma Marilyn. She is going to love hanging out at your place.

Another shout-out goes to those who cooked the most delicious brunch at my shower... Marci, Mom, and cousin Kami! I'm still drooling over it. (Oh and let's not forget my amazing cousin Jane from See Jane Cook that inspired my mom to make the lemon cookies and blueberry muffins. Jane, keep those recipes coming!)

Yet another shout-out goes to my mother-in-law Martha and my sister-in-law Laura:

The biggest surprise I received the day of my shower was when these two arrived. They drove all the way from Utah to come. I couldn't believe it... I enjoyed so much having you guys there! It made the day so perfect. Martha, you are going to be an amazing Grandma. I can't wait for baby girl to meet you! Laura, you are always a delight! I'm so excited for this upcoming year!

My last shout-out goes to everyone who have showered my baby girl with gifts and everything she needs. William and I feel so blessed to be surrounded and loved by so many good people! Thank you thank you thank you!

Well, now that my back hurts from writing this post, I think it's time for bed.
Good Night, Moon.


  1. your baby is going to be cute, this blog is cute, your mom is cute, your shower was cute and your mom's house is cute. in that order.

    (this is kate from singles ward like 20 years ago! i'm glad i stumbled across this little blog! i like it.)

  2. i wish i could have been at your shower...i heard from so many people that it was amazing!! i can't believe you and william are so close to meeting your little girl. i can't wait to see her, hear her name, clench my teeth when i do, and then come and visit so she can know her Auntie Em. (yes, Aunt :)