Monday, December 31, 2012

A very long (and possibly annoying) post about Christmas

This last Christmas was a little much, in the best possible way. I was going to break it down into three or four posts, but I know most people are sick of hearing about Christmas as it is.

So for those of you who aren't on Instagram or any type of social media (ahem... Dad), this post is for you. Otherwise you've probably seen most of these photos, and you could probably move on to doing more important things, like make New Year's resolutions or take a nap. 

Presenting 36 things about the month of December:

1. I made close to 13 batches of toffee this year. That's 13 cups of sugar, 26 cubes of butter, and waaaay too much stirring.
2. June's first time at the temple. She was pleased. VERY pleased.
3. William showing June the Christ statue. I think she was moved... well at least I was.
4. Our lights on our little home. C7 bulbs are the way to go.
5. I wish that hat wasn't so expensive.
6. Our advent calendar found here. (We got to about Day 14.)
7. Lots of time outside... Arizona has the best weather this time.
8. Stacking blocks, over and over and over and over and over again.
9. Fuzzy tree
10. Four suckers at once. It's how June gets things done.
11. My favorite handmade gift for Kent, from Tauna. All knitted... Tauna is so talented.
12. I heart sparkle.
13. Toffee plate constructing.
14. Bathtime.
15. I cut lots of tags while I was sick.
16. One of my favorite Sunday dresses.
17. Christmas shopping with Grandma.
18. Recording our Christmas song... Thanks for listening!
19. June found a plate of donuts. This pleased her very much.
20. Favorite Christmas dress on June.

21. A GORGEOUS setting at the Coombs Christmas party.
22. The kids table is getting so crowded... I love it.
23. Dance party that occurs every year after the talent show.
24. Santa (Dad) passing out gifts.
25. June laughing at Uncle Ryan and Aunt Sara... her new favorite comedians.
26. Merry Christmas from me.
27. Merry Christmas from William.
28. Merry Christmas from a girl who can wiggle out of your hands faster than you know.
29. June trying out her big gift this year, a new bike trailer. SHE. LOVES. IT. Can't wait to ride bikes more this year.
30. A shot of William taking June for a ride.
31. "Ho Ho Ho".
32. A hipster in the making. 
33. My handmade gift to June this year: an A-Frame Tent. She LOVES it.
34. My gift to William: a Nerf gun. I've been shot too many times, and therefore regret giving it to him.
35. Our ginger bread house... I'll let you decide if that's a British flag or a Confederate flag.
36. Hooray!! The End!!!

Here's our Christmas card this year. Shot by The Langs. Designed by me. Sent to you.

And that was our merriest Christmas! Thanks to everyone who made it magical!
Now on to Twenty-Thirteen!

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