Saturday, December 1, 2012


I wish that I can film June for the ENTIRE month of December. 

Last night, we went to the temple lights, and she practically danced around "Ooooing", and "WOAHing" at every turn. It's so magical to have a little one discovering everything about Christmas. Her reactions are so priceless.

Our Advent Calendar bags are filled with suckers (for June), chocolate (for me and William), a scripture about Christ, and a picture of Christ (which will eventually become a photo album for June). I'm trying to do as much Christmas things as I can, but I also know I need to continue to stay focused. All the christmas movies, hot chocolate nights, delivering treats, singing Christmas songs, etc. will come as we countdown.

24 more days!! (Yikes?)

(The 'JOY' Marquee sign was inspired by this project.)


  1. you are every thing i want to be. all i want for christmas is to be jennyb.

  2. SO beautiful!

    Curious where you got the pictures of Christ? Did you pick some up, or print them yourself? Would love to do something similar...Teach me, great and wise Jenny.

    1. I picked them up at Deseret Book. Most of them came in a pack, the rest I bought individually for 50 cents. EASY PEASY!

  3. Did you make that little house. I now want to make a ton of fabric houses. Like I need another project. Thanks a lot Jenny.

    Just kidding I love you and you are super inspirational.