Sunday, April 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

(Grandma scrunching Baby June)

This post is waaaaaaay overdue, but since it's my mom's birthday, I thought it would be appropriate to write how amazing she is.

Since June was born, my mom has been a lifesaver. I was lucky enough to have her stay a few days to help, but she went above and beyond her calling as a mom/grandma.

She cooked,
ran errands to the store and my school,
bought much-needed supplies (newborn diapers, smaller sleepers, burp cloths, etc.),
bought supplies that were NOT needed but wanted (Hershey Easter Eggs, my drink {half diet, half regular}, etc.),
watched June as I napped/showered/went to the doctor,
babysat June while William and I went on our first date in a LONG time,
cried when I cried,
bought delicious snacks when I was told to change my diet,
brought lunch when a sandwich just didn't cut it,
and answered the phone ANYTIME I needed something.
And on top of all that, when I go back to finish off the school year, my mom has offered to babysit June.

All of this is nothing out of the ordinary. My mom is an incredibly generous lady.

Thank you mom!
Love, Jenny & June


  1. Happy Birthday Aunt Marilyn!! You are so lucky to have her for a mom.

  2. And what's more amazing...Now she's flying to DC to do ALL these things for ME!

    Happy Birthday Marilyn!!!

  3. She definitely is one fantastic lady! I've ALWAYS looked up to Marilyn!

  4. Aren't good moms the best! I love your mama, she is so awesome.

    I had to add that my word verification is moter. It's a sign that mothers are awesome.

  5. AND she's a beautiful, generous, fun sister to boot!!!!