Tuesday, April 26, 2011

June's Baby Blessing

June's Baby Blessing fell on Easter weekend.
William's family came from all over to celebrate this face:

With a face like that, you get plenty of attention:

William gave June the sweetest blessing.

My favorite moment was after the blessing. William sat down next to me holding June, and with a little tear in his eye he smiled and said, "June is pretty special, huh?" It tugged at my heart strings.


Family Picture Showdown!!

Bradford Clan (first granchild):

Coombs Clan (seventh grandchild):

Coomford Clan:

After the 8:00am blessing, we went back to my mom's house for a brunch. We had french toast, thick-cut bacon, sausage, fresh fruit, and David made his famous Vita-mix smoothies. AMAZING.

Daniel was the Juicer, William was the Overseer/Quality Patrol, David was Meat Manager (bacon and sausage), Robs was Frenchy (French Toast maker):

Here's one of Alan making a cool face, Martha and David on the Vita-mix Smoothies, Easton helping with juice, and Steve on the bacon:

More Kitchen chaos:


After everyone was well-fed, we turned our attention back to June.

Uncle Danny Boy:

Uncle Robs was a champ... June could sit and talk to Robs for hours.


I love this picture because there are so many hands touching June:

I think she was in heaven:


  1. I can't stand it! Of course you had to have the CUTEST baby and live too far for me to see her daily. Not fair.

  2. I really really need to bite her!!!

  3. She could not be cuter! Maybe you should keep June away from us Utahn's for awile... at least until she can defend herself a little. Not being able to squish her has built up some serious aggression and she may go away from here covered with bite marks and pinch bruises.