Monday, June 13, 2011

me oh my oh me oh my i love summer (a post about June's hair)

It's only been a few weeks of summer break and I think I can get used to this for a loooong time.

Just a few things about it...

This photo represents the 2 things that keep June and I temporarily happy:

My happiness ends when my soda runs out.
June's happiness ends when that pig gets boring.

Recently, my friend Daphne invited us to her family's cabin in Prescott. We played games, ate plenty, and slept too long. It was lovely.
Here is June's first "hike":

Another thing that June enjoys is watching the itunes visualizer:

As you can see, June likes to stay busy.

My mom and I recently decided to try doing a "project day" at least once a week. This might consist of making food (We want to try lots from cousin Jane's blog) or making some sort of craft. We started our tradition by making these little beauties:

The first thing I noticed about having a baby is how unbearably hot it gets, especially in the car seat. Here is June's Arizona-Heat-Car-Seat-Hair

I have to go comb out June's hair now.


  1. i wish my mom was here so we could have "project day"...or better yet, i wish i was there and us five could have "shopping day" every week :) you and June look so cute!!

  2. Jenny, you look fantastic! and also, did you go to taco bell while you were in Prescott and rock the car?

  3. Two things: Why's that pig so crazy? Please send me a cream puff.