Monday, June 20, 2011

1st Father's Day

This guy deserves a good first Father's Day.

Here's why:
1. He's good at swaddling June to the point where it's like a straight jacket. June can't escape so she sleeps longer. It's incredible.
2. He can clip June's fingernails... I'm too scared.
3. Even after a long day, he doesn't mind holding and singing June to sleep.
4. He loves playing guitar for June, she loves watching.
5. He makes up the funniest songs about June. (His songs usually mention her bowel movements at some point.)
6. He STILL gets a laugh when June smiles at him.
7. He loves to talk about future trips and parties for June.
8. Still loves to cook dinner, even after a long day.
9. Still loves to see movies and will do what it takes to make it work.
10. Loves his girls to pieces.

I had a blast with my Mother's Day scavenger hunt, so I decided that William needs one to.

On Sunday morning, I handed him this card:

William proceeded to the closet where Darth shared the startling news:

We keep C3PO in the band room:

I agree C. Those sweats are nasty. But I guess every dad needs at least one pair of goofy pants.

To the tie rack:

This chair has been a blessing since having June, but it is GINORMOUS.

And under our famous hamburger:

Thank you hamburger picture for reminding me to dust the top of my fridge.

Inside the fridge:

William has been dancing like a white dad even BEFORE he was a dad.

This was a tricky clue for William.
Remember in Raising Arizona when Nicolas Cage steals the diapers?!
It's my favorite part of the movie.

William hesitated with this clue: "Wait. Did you roll up a clue and stick it in June's bum?!"
What kind of mom does he think I am?

You can't tell, but June loved being a clue. She could hardly contain herself throughout the whole ordeal.

So finally, William stopped by June's crib:

A Virgil's Root Beer Party Keg and the movie True Grit... so manly.
Happy Father's Day, loves.
Love, Jenny & June


  1. You guys are adorable. Also I want, no NEED to see more of that lamp...where is it from?!

  2. Hahaahhaha I loove this.
    p.s. "Son, you got a panty on your head."

  3. That is hilarious! You are so clever. I'm coming to you the next time I need a creative idea for Joe!