Friday, March 23, 2012

A post

Last night William and I saw an 8pm showing of Hunger Games. The movie was very much like I pictured it would be, when I read the book. It was divine. I'm going to see it again with William's family.

My mom and dad watched June while we saw the movie. Even though her bedtime is 8pm, I walked into their house at 11pm with June squealing in excitement and spinning herself on their floor. She must have a ball while I'm gone. (Thank you again, mom and dad!)

Eating: toast. In honor of Peeta Mellark?
Reading: If I Stay. Sad, but really good. Thank you, Debbie, for letting me borrow it. Oh and I just finished Matched. That one was really really good, I put the second one on hold at the library before I even finished the first one.
Recovering: from June's party. Seriously, I don't know how people can throw parties more than once a year. I still haven't taken the decorations down.
Listening to: Band of Horses. William, buy me this album.
I should be: packing and cleaning. My plane leaves in a few hours.


  1. Band of Horses is my new love. And have fun in UT!

  2. Haha we still had some of our Valentine's day decorations up when we moved from our old apt to UT (last August)