Friday, March 30, 2012

Tally ho

William and I spent the weekend in Utah to see Daniel off to the MTC.

Seeing a missionary leave is the definition of bittersweet. Daniel is going to be a great one.

Other highlights:
- JUNE FINALLY CRAWLED, and then hasn't crawled since. But at least we know now that she can...we were slightly worried before.
- Corn Hole Tournaments (I teamed with William, who sported a tight yellow turtleneck and a gold medallion. We lost.)
- Utah weather (it was warm, then it was cold, then it snowed, and then it was warm again)
- Walking with sleeping babies around the neighborhood with Laura
- Board games
- Name Game (specifically the round of charades where we saw Laura's impression of Big David and Little David's impression of Elton John)
- Hunger Games (the movie and the meals)
- Man in the theater repeatedly objecting to Katniss' victory. (NO!)
- Hunger Games Tailgate Party (it's just eating Little Caesar's pizzas in the parking lot)
- J Dawgs and Sammy's
- Watching June and Andrew playing together (and by 'playing together' I mean staring awkwardly and trying to take each other's toys)
- Tillamook Cake Batter Ice Cream
- Tintin, the movie (surprisingly good)
- Learning to crochet (HARD.)
- Bradford Boys Final Epic Wrestling Match Brawl (specifically Big David jumping in to fight this time)

This is what I look like all the time when I'm with the Bradfords:

And I love it.


  1. Aw! I love missionaries. Mine comes home in JULY!

  2. YAY, for June crawling!!!! Too bad she hasn't since, but Gavin has done that a lot with new things, too. Like, we got him to "roar" like a lion one. day. And then, nothing. He wouldn't repeat it for weeks, making us look like total fools. "Oh, look what Gavin can do! He can roar! Hey, Gavin, what does a lion do? Does he ROAR?!" Nothing. Dead pan stare. Awesome. :-/

    1. Babies are weird about stuff like that!! June used to wave bye, and doesn't anymore.