Friday, March 9, 2012

Walk before you crawl. - June

I haven't been posting as much as I'd like. Things are really busy here, and will continue to be busy until next weekend (but the good kind of busy).

June is still not crawling. While most parents would be a little concerned about this, here are some things I tell myself:
- She is content with her little space around her, which makes her a grateful person.
- She is in no hurry to grow up. She is enjoying her childhood too much.
- If she was crawling, she wouldn't need her mom as much, and she just loves her mom too much to let her go.
- She doesn't want to ruin her knees. She has seen her mom's ugly knees, and they look like they were crawled on a little too much.
- She knows her mom loves her little chubby legs. Crawling would burn calories, and therefore make her legs more toned. A baby with toned legs?
- She's an over-achiever. She wants to skip crawling, and go straight to walking.

Look how much she enjoys not crawling:

Also, this photo made me and William laugh. She looks like she's judging us in some way.

Speaking of Easter candy... I'm not one to talk about weight loss on the internets, but I'm just too giddy: I've finally lost all my baby weight (54 pounds!!). It took 51 weeks... just in time for June's 1st birthday, I guess?


  1. Congrats Jenny!!! Let's go eat a chocolate bunny to celebrate!!! (My goal is to beat your pregnancy weight -55 pounds, here I come!)

  2. Does June scoot at all? Gavin scooted military style for the longest time. We thought maybe he'd just skip the whole crawling thing and go right to walking, but he did start crawling around maybe 9 or 10 months. He's not walking by himself yet, but it seems like he's just on the cusp. James gets so worried if he feels like Gavin is not progressing like he thinks he should. I keep telling him every kid is different and progresses at their own pace. Unless there is seriously something wrong (which your doctor can tell you), don't worry about it. I remember a woman on the radio saying she got the best advice from another mom. She asked, "Have you ever seen a 5-year old who couldn't crawl or walk or talk?" Exactly. They'll get there one way or the other! :)

  3. Wow! Congrats on losing all your baby weight. That's inspiring...but I must say I saw you not too long after you had June and you looked amazing then too:)