Saturday, September 8, 2012

The end of summer and growing up...

I've had my fair share of fun, summer days these last few months. But I'm ready for fall.

Here's how my summer ended this past Labor Day:

Matt's Big Breakfast // Swimming at the Butte's // Grimaldi's for free Birthday Pizza 

I've been thinking about what I need/want to accomplish before the new year, but I keep having thoughts to slow down and keep it simple. 

And then I feel like I'm all grown up.

It's weird to feel older, sometimes I have mixed feelings about it. (I know... I'm only 28.)  It's been interesting to discover that I've taken on some "old-ish" qualities just within the last few years.

For instance:
· I like the taste of banana peppers, pickles, and Tabasco more and more (not all at once).
· I like traveling, but not to crowded places.
· I prefer staying in than going out. (This might be one of my introvert qualities, but I'm taking it as 'growing older' too.)
· I like rain. (I used to despise it as a teacher because of rainy day schedule. It's also not good for my hair.)
· I don't care what kind of car I drive, as long as it has good AC.
· I love being a mom. A lot. I used to think moms were lame, but I know a lot of cool moms. And I guess even the cool moms are a little lame, but in the best possible way... I just wish I knew that growing up.
· I now realize that my mom and dad DO know what they're talking about.
· I finally see the advantages of living an "early to bed, early to rise" lifestyle. I used to think it was just a "neat" tip, but it actually does make a difference. 
· I am beginning to be more and more appalled with the lyrics and the quality of music that is played on the radio.... like, disgusted... like, I can't believe they were allowed to record this and they're playing it on the radio for anyone to hear... like, ew...
· I like surrounding myself with happy people. It's better for my health.
· Sometimes teenagers make me nervous.
· Ripe fruit and veggies bring me so much joy. Like "I can't believe this came out of the ground and tastes so gloriously amazing!!!!!" kind of joy.
· Puns get funnier to me every year. And I will always laugh at the "So and So called" jokes. (Example: "The ocean called... they're running out of shrimp")

I'll just end by quoting Blink 182: "So I guess this is growing up." 

Nothing says growing up like Blink 182, right?


  1. you get free Grimaldi's on your birthday?
    Also I agree with everything you said here (except I have always loved rain and I always want to go out) but I will take your aversion to radio music and movies/previews. I am always nervous when I go to the theater at what I may be subjected to in the previews. Like when I saw a preview for Magic Mike? Yeah, I almost threw up. I feel like after I had my first kid I immediately turned into a grandma. I like grandmas.

    1. Sign up for Grimaldi's email list... you get a free large 1-topping pizza. It's the best.

      RIGHT?! I can't believe what they show in PREVIEWS now! They should start rating previews.. I hate it.

  2. This made me cry a little. I have my own list too. It IS weird.