Thursday, October 4, 2012

Greer 2012

Greer was tops this year. There is just too much to say and too many photos to share, but I'll be brief.  

We did pretty much everything I said in this post. The following are a few more highlights:
· My mom had the famous "Dana Cabin Bear" shipped from Utah to tell the amazing story of Grandpa Joe killing the bear. I think every Dana has heard the famous words: "... In one ear and out the other...." But it was fun sharing that story with the great-grandkids of Grandpa Joe.
· The cabin was amazing. But the best part was the game room. Many tears were shed in that room (because I didn't win a single game of pool). 
· Each night, my family prepared a mini devotional. I loved hearing the testimonies of my siblings.
· William's birthday celebration (I'm WAY behind on posting, but more on that later).

Thank you, Mom and Dad, for creating so many great memories for us. 

Original Coombs:

New Coombs + Dana Bear:


  1. I love everything about this post!! I love Greer, I love the Coombs family, I love the bear story, and I love your shirts! What great pictures and wonderful memories.

  2. To me, being in Greer with the family is heaven on earth!

  3. This place! This family! If you look very closely at these pictures, you can almost see my heart.