Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A useful list of "Last Minute Cat Puns Halloween Costumes"

So this year for Halloween, I chose to be a...

... because really, without the cat ears I'm just a plain old cat burglar.

But then I started brainstorming all of the other Halloween costumes you can do with a set of cat ears. My pals, Natalie and Daphne, gave some excellent ideas as well. We came up with the greatest "Last-Minute-Cat-Puns-Halloween-Costumes" collection you've ever seen.

I mean really, have you ever seen those articles for "Last Minute Halloween Costumes", only to find that their definition of "last minute" is 2-3 hours? In addition, you better have an entire craft store in your closet?

These seriously only take a couple of minutes... you just need a set of cat ears and one or two other supplies.

Oh and sorry but there are no sexy cat costumes here (I would probably break the internet posting such pictures of myself). 

This is just good ol' fashion cat puns. 

Cat ears + Trash =

Cat ears + 'TOM' name tag =

Cat ears + Pajamas + optional "Jazz Hands" or cool dance moves =

Cat ears + Pajamas + Sleeping after partyin' =

Cat ears + Looking like you're scared all the time =

Cat Ears + "STEVENS" name tag + optional guitar =

Cat ears + A friend who likes cat puns and is also wearing cat ears =

Other possible costumes:
Cat Ears + A scratch across your face + a thermometer = "Cat Scratch Fever".
Cat Ears + Walk around the party grabbing other people's tongues = Cat got your tongue.
Cat Ears + Bum clothes = Feral Cat
Cat Ears + Carry around a fish = Cat Fish
Cat Ears + Steal stuff from the party = A REAL Cat Burglar

There you have it. Have a happy and lazy Halloween.


  1. Purrfect ideas! Thank you for sharing them with meow.

  2. MeeWow! My favorite: Cat's Pajamas ...and every single other pic posted in this post

  3. I like cat got your tongue! Totally respectable to do to perfect strangers! It's a good ice breaker!

  4. Well, you are just the Cat's Meow!

  5. This post is chock full of awesome. Thank you.

  6. It's now very apparent I need to go get some cat ears. I have to say I'm really dissapointed there weren't any sexy options. . . Didn't you know halloween is an excuse to be slutty??? :)

    I'm so happy you found me on facebook, I knew I've been missing something all these years!

  7. Those jazz hands could be a costume by themselves. Your ability to make a costume come to life astounds me. I am ashamed to admit that I thought you had lost your costume capabilities the other day when I saw a pic of you with "just cat ears " on.