Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oo-da-lolley golly what a day...

William's family came to town last week, so we spent the day at the fair. 

We rode the Ferris Wheel and ate plenty of fried foods.

While June seemed hypnotized by the color, lights, food, and noise, I was hypnotized by the inhabitants there. The fair makes for some fine people-watching.


  1. i love the fair... the bright colors, typography, and even the terrible food. but you're right, the people-watching may be the best part.

  2. Man I haven't been in years I should go just for the food. I am not sure if this is a fact and I can't remember who told me but I was told that the Indian Fry bread that is so famous there was first done by a relief society to earn money for, actually I can't remember what for probably a building or something.

  3. These pictures!! Jenny, I absolutely ADORE your perspective.

  4. You captures a day at a fair so well in images, bright and slightly dizzying. Wish I could have gone to one this year.