Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Change of plans

Last weekend, I was supposed to go to the beach. We had been planning it for months. Then with just a few days left, we decided that I should just stay home.

It was a difficult transition, going from beach-bound to staying at home. William said that on Saturday, I could do whatever my heart desired.

But all my heart desired was the beach and grilling.  

So first we went to the Tempe Beach Park. June experienced her first splash pad. It was bliss for about ten minutes. But we concluded that with all the children running around her and constantly getting squirted with water, it was a little over-stimulating for June. We'll keep practicing.

Arizona BBQ Festival was next. We sampled some of the finest BBQ I've ever eaten. June enjoyed a baked potato and oreos.

Then we came home and let our tummies rest. At 11:30pm, we grilled pizzas.

Missing the real beach wasn't so bad anymore.

(That last photo is of June riding Grandma's Cadillac Escalade Power Wheel with her cousin Emerson. It's there to look awesome and, as a bonus, completes my Instagram photo square.)

P.S. Yes, this is my third post in a short while where most of the photos I'm posting are from my Instagram...I'll try to be better.

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  1. oh goodness, could these pictures be any cuter?? in love!
    so sorry you couldn't end up going to the beach. but a bbq sounds just as lovely with good friends ;)
    xo TJ