Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Festivus

Here's a story:

Before I even met William, I saw this video of him and his brothers:

I knew two things about William Bradford: (1) He likes apples. (2) The man can lip-synch. 

So when I met him for the first time ever, I said, "Hey I enjoyed your video." 
To which he replied, "Ummm.... yeah thanks." and then he completely changed the subject. I thought I had said something wrong. (He later told me that he didn't know how to respond.)

It was a really awkward first impression... it's a good thing he was cute and played the drums, otherwise I would have just walked away.

I learned real quickly that the Bradfords love making awkward videos. Thank goodness we have friends who do the same...

My lovely/talented friend Andrea has a very funny/creative husband named Camaron. He's putting on an Awkward Film Festival. Everyone should participate... The BradfordCollective have a great film up their sleeve for this event.

Hurry! It's on June 15th. And if you haven't already, watch the '80s Video Dating Montage' on the film festival page... It's incredible.

P.S. The guy in the above video with the mickey mouse hands is moving back to AZ. June is thrilled to have another uncle live nearby.


  1. Those are great. Do I know the guy in the car crash video? He looked familiar. Also maybe I should finally make that video about me and yoga pants that I have always wanted to make.

  2. Jenny- add your dancing shoes video to this list.... Oh and Ryan Jesse's in it, he's famous now, you know.