Monday, April 30, 2012

New things learned

1. Our tiny yard is coming along. I've learned how to lay pavers, and next is learning how to install a sprinkler system. I've also been reading up (again) on gardening herbs and what plants are best for our yard (it gets partial sun) in Arizona (it gets too much heat). 

2. I've recently acquired an iphone, and my first order of business was learning Instagram.

I hope I'm not overloading everyone with pictures, but I'm just having too much fun. (I'm jennybsnaps, by the way.)

3. In an effort to take better photos, I've (finally) bought a new lens for my camera. I'm slightly glad that Picnik is no longer available, because now I'm motivated to learn a real photo-editing program... so we are trying Pixelmator. It's Apple's version of Photoshop, but waaaaaaay cheaper. Wish me luck. (There are nearly 50 tutorials that I'm going to watch this week.)


  1. I love Jennybsnaps! Keep em coming. Oh, and what kind of lens did you just just get? I've never used Pixelmator, but it sounds impressive. I use Gimp a lot (it's free and is very similar to Photoshop)

    1. Just a 50mm/ f1.8 lens... it's pretty basic, but I want to take more portrait-y shots. Just looked at Gimp... NICE!

  2. oh gosh, you can never go wrong with an overload of instagram pictures!! loving!!
    xo TJ