Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Cloudy days are perfect park days...

Things we saw:
-- Two dogs, Betty and Sprinkles
-- The fastest remote control car I think I've ever seen
-- Three scooters, two bikes, lots of kids

Things we overheard the other kids saying:
-- "Do you want to trade my scooter for your bike? Ha ha...Yeah right, you ride a girls bike."
-- "She's not aloud to play on Sundays."
   "'Cause she's Mormon. She has to wait until Monday."
   "Mondays are dumb."
-- "Hey come over to the slide! There's a girl over there selling Takis!" (I'm glad I know what Takis are, otherwise I would have thought it was some kind of drug."

Things June wanted to pick up:
-- Sticks
-- A bandaid
-- Dog business

What an eventful day at the park.
And yes, kid, Mondays are dumb.

1 comment:

  1. Mondays are dumb, and so are Wednesdays if you're stuck trying to deal with a cranky baby. Thanks for making our Wednesday a little less dumb--we always look forward to death match!