Monday, April 9, 2012


It was another pleasant Easter Sunday.

My mom's house is perfect for Easter Sunday. So bright and cheery:

The highlight is always the adult Easter egg hunt. This year, we added a little bit more pushing and jostling. I would have taken pictures, but I was too busy unsuccessfully trying to steal other people's stashes.

Ryan found the most eggs AGAIN, but he cheats (and I stand by that accusation).
Kent only found three eggs, but he received the coveted egg prize: a $20 bill.

The grandkids had their egg hunt afterwards. June "found" three eggs... (I may have swiped a couple from her cousins' bags.)

Can you spot the fake smiles in this picture?

After all that pushing and shoving and gnashing of teeth, we went inside and had a beautiful lesson about the true meaning of Easter. Actually, THAT was the highlight. I love hearing my family's testimonies.

Now I'm off to train for next year's hunt, but I can't find my bow staff.


  1. SUCH a pretty Easter table!!

  2. ok june and her baby cousin look SOOOO much alike. thats crazy!