Monday, July 4, 2011

"Today we celebrate our Independence Day!"

I love Independence Day... the holiday AND the movie.

June's 1st Independence Day was probably her most favorite day ever.

Here's why:

#1 - We started the day off eating breakfast with the family at our house. We had breakfast burritos and fruit. It was a amazing. Of course, I forgot to take pictures of everyone enjoying their food, so here are just the befores:

You better believe I made that Stars and Stripes wreath! I was bored this week... and I have lots of yarn. Also, note to self: I love streamers.

#2 - We took June to my good friend Natalie's house for her first swim ever. I didn't think June could get any cuter, and then I put a swimsuit on her.

I don't think there is anything more adorable than a baby in a swim suit.

Wait, did I hear you say these pictures just aren't enough? You need a home video of June's first swim set to music? Well, today's your lucky day... I happen to have one right here:

I think she loves the water.

#3 - June ate her 1st popsicle.

She loved that as well. (Sorry about the "Pale Force" that is going on in these pictures. This was seriously my first real exposure to sunlight on my pasty skin since last summer.)

#4 - Later, I dropped June off at Grandma's so I could go watch William play at the Chandler Fireworks festival. (It was too hot to take her, plus she enjoys visiting Grandma and Grandpa.)

Here's William playing bass with a band called "Social Cadence".

William was a very serious bass player. But it was amazing. My favorite song William sang was Tom Petty's "Refugee".

#5 - We ended the night with fireworks. Because I was nervous for June to see loud fireworks, we just lit some sparklers.
I love this image of William:

Here's my attempt at drawing a 'J' with a sparkler.

'J' for Jenny and June, of course... and Jamaican (Because I'm proud to be an American, NOT a Jamaican.)

Happy 4th.


  1. Looks like a fun day. Love her in the swimsuit!!

  2. Ok that wreath is to die for!!! I think you need to make some and sell them on etsy. Glad you guys had a FUN fourth. I'm thinking we need to get London and June matching swimsuits. For Grandma Marilyn's water slide festivities of course!

  3. love your decorations!! and your swimming suit is so cute. so is June's of course :)

  4. i just realized that might be a tank top. either way it's really cute, haha.