Tuesday, July 19, 2011

3 Years ago (yesterday)

Three years ago yesterday, we looked like this:

So young, so naive, and not a care in the world.

Now we look like this:

So old, so hungry, and a baby on our hip.

With little funds, we had a little anniversary. I put myself in charge and created a Photo Scavenger Hunt (Apparently, we are WAY into scavenger hunts, see here and here).
I made a list of our favorite things. Then we had to "hunt" for them and take pictures of our findings. Since I created the list, I left it up to William to take us where we needed to go.

Here was the list of our favorite things: Cold drinks, shows, Mexico, Hamburgers, Thrifting, Playing Records, Candy, Games, Meat, Firecrackers, and Baby June.

Since we took June along on our adventure, we immediately crossed her off (She's #1).

Our first destination was in Tempe to our new favorite burger place, The Habit (ROBS, HERE'S A REASON TO COME BACK TO AZ).

It is so tasty.

Next, we went to our favorite record store, Zia.

I love Dads in record stores. After much deliberation, we bought 2 'Creedence Clearwater' Albums (But I'm coming back for you, 'Wham' album!!).

Next, we went to get our drinks. Ask me one thing I'm super serious about, it's cold drinks. I will take down anyone who stands in my way of a cold drink on a summer day in AZ. And poor William is becoming the same way.

William is holding a can of "Purple Stuff" in the above photo. Could this be a reference to the super rad and totally popular Sunny D commercial we grew up with? We sure hope so.("It's got healthy junk." "So what?")
We also bought a Peanut Butter Twix bar to cross "candy" off our list.

Mission accomplished.

Next we went to Goodwill to do our favorite kind of shopping, the thrift kind.
Look at these treasures:

You can't contain William's love of animals, and my love of Hard Core wrestling.
Unfortunately, we walked away empty-handed, only precious memories.

Next up on our list was "Mexico". Of course we went to the Mexican capital of Arizona, Ranch Market.


We had little money left, otherwise we would have purchased one of those amazing cakes.

Instead, we cruised over to the disgusting meat department to cross that off our list.

I took more pictures of the meat, but decided to spare everyone.

On our way home, we rented a movie to cross "show" off our list, and we still had 2 more items: games and firecrackers.

We had purchased some Roman Candles on the Indian Reservation in Nevada (thanks, David). We took it near the corn fields behind our house and shot them toward the street. I was so nervous for cops to show up. AND one of the candles cut loose and started launching its sparks at one of the houses. It was nuts.
So here were the only shots I could get:

We were getting too tired for the last thing on our list, "games". We'll just have to play Yahtzee another time... I guess we have an eternity to play.

Happy Anniversary William! It just keeps getting better.


  1. Happy anniversary! You look good with 3 years under your (hardcore wrestling champ) belt.

    Non-anniversary related: June is so adorable and your hair is perfect.

  2. 3 years??? crazy! Happy Anniversary you guys!

  3. ...crap I always forget to say everything... I really like your new header.

  4. YOU HAVE A HABIT????? We lived by a Habit in Santa Barbara, and ate there 3 times a day for 7 years. Don't even get me started on their onion rings.