Thursday, July 21, 2011

Voyaging into the Realm of Nerds Part IV

I never learned Roman Numerals, (and I'm too lazy to look it up) so I hope that "IV" in my header is the correct number 4.

Well, here it is, the last Potter Party Pics. (See the other parties here)

Starting from the top left: Dementor, Lupin (if you look closely, he is turning into a werewolf), Harry's Patronus, Professor Sprout, Aunt Petunia, Ernie the Bus Driver, Bill Weasley, Filch, Lavender Brown, Lucious Malfoy, The Singing Lady, Hedwig, Dobby

I went as Lavender Brown, Ron's girlfriend in the 6th book. ("My little Won Won!") I love her character because she LOVES Ron. Since Ron is my favorite character, I didn't really have to do much acting.

In the group picture, I'm holding a picture of Ron.
But here, I am holding Ron's baby:

I know what you're thinking, Ron doesn't have a baby... well, not according to Lavender.

AND Ron's baby has the red hair to prove it.

The final party was amazing... we ate in the great hall, played Potter Jeopardy, had the Imperius Curse cast upon us, had a Tri-wizard Tournament, and so much more.

Thank you Andersen family for the memories!! (Again, all the amazing pics were taken by the amazing Janet.)

Mischief Managed.


  1. I LOVE Lavender Brown, the girl who played her in the movies did such a good job. You did a great job, I knew exactly who you were!

  2. You are SO cute! I love everyone's costumes, Hedwig, Prof. Sprout, the Knight Bus driver Ernie! You guys are great!

  3. Jenny why do we not hang out! I seriously love you!

  4. Jenny, your costume is absolutely fabulous. I seriously knew exactly who you were without even reading it. And June being Ron's baby...haha! So great. That party looks so fun!

  5. Please post more pictures. Serious. Black.